Welcome to Cambridge Graduate Studies in Political Thought and Intellectual History

This website is run by current Cambridge graduate students, on an independent and voluntary basis. It is intended as a general resource for present and prospective graduates, at Cambridge and beyond.

Call for Papers: Education and Educators in Political Thought
We are delighted to release the CfP for our 2021 Graduate Conference, to be held 31 March 2021. The theme is ‘Education and Educators in Political Thought’. Applications due 12th February 2021. Click here for more information.

Graduate Workshop
We convene a fortnightly Graduate Workshop with presentations by PhD candidates and Masters students, which is both inter-disciplinary and international. Click here for our term card.

Interventions: The Intellectual History Podcast
Check out our podcast series “Interventions: The Intellectual History Podcast.”¬†What do intellectual historians currently investigate? And why is this relevant for us today? These are some of the questions our podcast seeks to explore. It aims to introduce intellectual historians and their work to everyone with an interest in history and politics. Do join in on our conversations!