2013 Conference

A full list of speakers and panels for the 2013 Conference. Please scroll down for the original CFP.


6th Cambridge Graduate Conference in Political Thought and Intellectual History

‘Theory and Practice’

Keynote Address: Monday 18 March, 5pm, Trinity College Old Combination Room

Dr. Joel Isaac (Cambridge) ‘Theory and Practice from Philosophy of Science to Political Theory: Thomas Kuhn and John Rawls in Context’

Graduate panels: Tuesday 19 March, 9am-6pm, Castlereagh Room, St. John’s College

Theorising action: Arendt and Anarchism

Pascale Siegrist (Constance) A theory of ‘propaganda by the deed’? A. M. Bakunin and P. A. Kropotkin’s Inspiration and Evaluation of Immediate Action, 1870 – 1887

Maša Mrovlje (St. Andrew’s) Hannah Arendt’s existentialist account of political judgement: judgement as ‘the other side of action’

Writing Constitutions

Or Rosenboim (Cambridge) Robert Hutchins and the ‘Committee to frame a preliminary world constitution’ (1947)

Ardevan Yaghoubi (Chicago) The Constitutional Politics of Geist: Hegel, Savigny, and the Jurists’ Dispute

Schmitt’s Friends and Hobbes’ Enemies

Maximilian Jaede (St. Andrew’s) Hobbes’s concept of the enemy and the limits of sovereign power

Samuel Zeitlin (Berkeley) Theory and Practice in the Political Thought of Jacob Taubes (1923-1987)

Realism, Moralism and Politics in Practice

Arjun Ramamurti (Harvard) Political Realism as Methodology

Ashraf Ahmed (Columbia) The Moral Realism of G. A. Cohen

Binesh Hass (Oxford) Power and Pure Reason






18-19 March 2013


Paper proposals are invited for the sixth Cambridge Graduate Conference in Political Thought and Intellectual History, to be held on 18-19 March 2013 at Cambridge University. The theme will be ‘Theory and Practice’.

The aim of the conference is to facilitate discussion of the work of a wide range of graduate students in a collegial and supportive atmosphere. As such, the theme will be interpreted broadly. Possible areas of interest include the role of political thought in historical change and past political life, the challenge posed by ‘realism’ to normative political theory, and the relationship between methodological claims and practical scholarship across the fields of history, politics and philosophy.

Up to nine papers will be accepted. Participants will be invited to present their work as part of themed panels, followed by questions and discussion with Cambridge graduate students, academics and fellow conference attendees. Accommodation will be provided for speakers subject to distance and availability.

Abstracts of 500 words are requested by 10 December, with accepted papers to follow in full by 3 March 2013. Please submit abstracts, along with your name and a brief academic C.V., to ptihconf@hermes.cam.ac.uk.

Registration will close on 25 February 2012. Those wishing to attend the conference without presenting a paper should write to the above address with their name and institutional affiliation before that date.


2013 Conference committee:

Kenzie Bok
Harry Dadswell
David Pruwer
Ben Slingo
James Stafford
Felix Waldmann